Monday, March 30, 2015


Today’s post is sponsored by Sakroots, but my love for their colorful art is all my own!

If I could put into words how excited I am for it to start getting warmer, I would right here. Warmer weather means I can have my windows open, get outside the house, go to the pool and of course, it's music festival season! Coachella is right around the corner and I thought it was fitting to share with you my MUST HAVES for the music festival season so that you can be prepared.

CELL PHONE: Okay, this one may be obvious- but just in case it isn't, we are starting off with it. I love having my phone so that I can take photos (as most venues / concerts / festivals don't allow professional cameras inside) and it's great to have if you go with friends and end up getting separated at some point.

CASH: Make sure you bring cash. Most places I've been usually don't take debit cards and if they do have an atm- the fee is outrageous. So, just to be on the safe side, always bring cash. 

SMALL WALLET / CROSSBODY: This is great to have for things like your cash + cell phone, stuff that you may need to access a little faster. I am IN LOVE with this cute one from Sakroots! Small, can be a wristlet, wallet OR a crossbody + holds so much!

POLAROID CAMERA: Okay- this one is just for fun but I think it would be awesome to take my instant camera to get photos of me with friends, if I meet anyone and just for fun pictures to take home AND most venues allow you to bring these in! I just love the way the photos look that come from these! 

DEODORANT: Let's be honest, I sweat like crazy and we all know I'm going to be sweating like a mad man whenever it's hot as heck outside + I'm dancing around to awesome music. Having a backup in your backpack is just a bonus. Nobody wants to smell bad. 

BACKPACK: Having a backpack is a must! It's great to carry everything in you need in one place. You can store your wallet, your camera, your deodorant and whatever else in there and just carry it around. I always like placing one on the back of my wheelchair to carry everything I need and right now, my go to is the Sakroots convertible backpack! It's HUGE and SO CUTE! I have the Ivory Spirit Desert print. Sakroots allows you to "Choose Your Karma" when you pick designs from artists in their circle. Each design is designated to a charity- my print (Spirit Desert) supports WILD AT HEART! and even better? Sakroots matches each donation! 

I'd love to know your must haves for music festivals in the comments below! and if you're heading out to any festivals soon, make sure to stop by Sakroots Festival Finds + find out how you can get a FREE Sakroots Tumbler (your choice of print!) with a 50$ or more purchase! 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hey guys- how are you? I've been posting a lot on my YouTube channel and let this blog go untouched for a little too long. I want to get back into blogging- so let me know what you guys want to see on this blog. Today I'm sharing a video over my current foundation routine for flawless skin. I have super pale skin and I found a DRUGSTORE foundation that gives me a great flawless look!


What do you use for your flawless look? Let me know in the comments + don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share with your friends! <3

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Meet Jan of Jan Loves + GIVEAWAY

1. First things first, let's start off with a simple introduction. Tell us about you, your blog and how you started it all.
Hi, I'm Jan and I blog over at Jan Loves. I live in LA with my husband and two dogs and work as a social media marketing manager for an online only fashion retailer. I started Jan Loves as a diary when I moved to the Los Angeles from Manila. I used it to keep people who care updated on what I have been up to, what's been going on in my head and the whatnots. It gradually transitioned to a lifestyle blog where I share recipes, my outfits, resto reviews and the like.

2. You post a lot of cute outfits, where is your favorite place to shop? What inspires your style?
Thank you! Some of my faves are Forever21, Gap, Marshalls, H&M, Target, Cotton On, Urban Outfitters and Old Navy. If you see me at the mall and I have a bag from a store, it means there is a good sale going on at that place. Seriously. I learned to shop sale racks very early on in life. LOL  When I was a kid, my mom would give us a strict budget when we go to the mall and to make the most out of my money, I always go straight to the sale section. I think my mom, other bloggers and menswear inspire my style the most. My mom is a stickler for making sure you look and feel good when you step out of the house so that's one. On weeks I have no drive to dress up, I resort to Pinterest or Tumblr where all the most awesome outfits from bloggers collide! I also love menswear, I love wearing comfy, oversized shirts/sweaters and pairing them with something girly like a little purse, leggings or cute accessories.

3. If you could have a shopping spree to ANY store- what store would you pick?
This is tough but I think I'll go for Marshalls for this one. I love that they have every style you can think of and are pet-friendly. It's also one of our go-to places when Ron and I want shop together. Oh and the furniture and decor is a huge plus! ;)

4. You have the cutest pups! Animals mean the world to me, what are some things yours pets do that are fun and quirky?
I adore them! Having two pups is a handful but their little quirks definitely out-weigh their high-maintenence-ness. Fox is a papillon mix and he knows that his charm is irresistible. His favorite game is digging his toy out of the blankets. That game totally matches his persistence with getting what he wants. He def knows how to get attention too! I caught him making crying sounds while under the bed and when I looked down, I can see his tail (peeking out from under the bed), wagging--such a drama king! ;) Chippy is more laid back than Fox and is a real charmer. He's good at fetching meaning he actually takes the toy back to you unless he's already tired--he just hides under the bed or the dining table. He loves to eat and always sniffs my purse if I have any food that he can steal. One of his favorite things to do is bother Fox as you can see in this video

5. What is your best blogging advice?
Be yourself and do not force it. It's one thing to have it as a hobby and another thing to consider it as work. :)

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