Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ColourPop Wish List | beauty

I have been wanting to try Colour Pop for the longest time- but I never have. I don't know why I haven't either because everything on their site if 5$- yes FIVE DOLLARS. They have been talked about a lot on YouTube, beauty blogs + even the makeup groups I'm a part of and I'm DYING to get my hands on some of their products- so I decided to make a wish list.

Those are just a few of the items in the cart- waiting to be purchased whenever I decide to take the jump. I love the deep lips- and I love that they have a BLACK LIPSTICK. I've been looking for a black lipstick for ages that fits my price range.

Right now- ColourPop has sets for the holidays and I need to get my hands on them- I think they would make great stocking stuffers- even the single shadows / lippie stix would be perfect gifts

If you want to place an order at Colour Pop- I can give you a code for 5$ off at 35$ order (and that means free shipping). Let me know in the comments if you're interested and I'll get your email so I can send it over!

Have you tried ColourPop before? What are some shades I need to add to my list?

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Monday, November 24, 2014


1. Okay- Let's start off simple. Tell us a little about yourself + your blog

I started Unbelievably Human because I was really discouraged by the high rates of millennial suicide and I wanted a way to shed light on the feelings that attribute to suicide.
I’ve always expressed my deepest emotions through art and creating. Putting words to my tougher feelings was hard for me. So with Unbelievably Human I wanted others to do the same and to really start to see and know that no matter what you think, we are all struggling and experiencing dark days but we can celebrate our humanity and our stories to make the tough days brighter and better.
I’ll also be honest and say that UH has become my own litmus test of ‘life getting better’. I went through a tough time not too long ago, which I share on my blog, and UH has forced me to hold on tight to Love for [my]self, others, and life! Which is great cause sometimes tough times change us, but we have to be careful not to lose the essence of of what makes us- US!

2. I love your style- where do you gain the most inspiration from?
Thank you Sabrina! That’s always so great to hear! I have to be honest I’m inspired by anything that feels and looks expressive. I’m honestly just always playing with looks! I love magazines like LOVE, NEON, VOGUE, and Street Fashion!

3. Where are some of your favorite places to shop?
I love shopping at boutiques and thrift stores! I like finding pretty things and things that feel special and expressive! I have a rule that I only buy what I “love”. though sometimes I buy things cause the sales price is to good to pass up! 

4.. I see that art plays a huge role in your life and you say you LOVE music- can you share some of your favorite bands / artists?
YES! I have a few!! Adele, I love the way that she tells a story! Dixie Chicks, their boldness! Sucker for soundtracks, REALLY liking Michelle Trainer right now, and so many others! 

5. Can you share some of your most favorite posts you've written?
SURE! so far they have been these 3! 

Fun post

6. . Looking at your pictures- I LOVE your glitter shadows.. Can you tell us a little bit about your daily beauty routine?
As much makeup as I buy and Sephora being my favorite store I generally am rushing and often opt for Neutrogena makeup wipes, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara, Mac love bug blush, and NYX crayon mascara, and a statement Lip. Always a statement lip with EOS or Rose underneath. I like Sephora’s perfect red, Nyx matte, and Milani! For vibrant colors I use The Lipbar, it’s an indie organic line with really vibrant colors!   

7. How can my readers connect with you?

 holy crap guys- I love this girl. She is so beautiful, so fun and I adore everything about her. If you guys agree with me, make sure to check her out!
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Friday, November 21, 2014


Hi- I'm Sabrina, in case you forgot. I've been a horrible blogger lately. BUT I promise that's about to change. I'm finally back in my apartment and ready to start posting on a regular schedule for you babes. Today I'm sharing what I got in my November Birchbox and a short update. 

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